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3 Benefits To Integrating Your Conservatory Into Your Main Living Space

3 Benefits To Integrating Your Conservatory Into Your Main Living Space

Are you wishing you could make better use of your conservatory space, fed up with it being too hot or too cold, a space that just isn’t used? 

You’re not alone. . . 

Peek Home is helping so many homeowners visualise and understand the benefits to reinventing their conservatory space, a simple ground floor redesign, incorporating the conservatory footprint, bringing it in and opening the space up into a more family friendly, usable space all year around.   

Here’s 3 key reasons why you should consider integrating your conservatory space and its benefits.

Creates a family friendly open plan living space

Open plan living is super desirable and it's easy to see why, an open plan design brings everyone together whilst being spacious enough not to be on top of each other.  

single storey rear extension, before and after, incorporating conservatory, modern design



Historically the kitchen has always been the heart of the home, by redesigning your ground floor and opening up the space means the chef’s in the house no longer need to feel isolated. 

They can enjoy the fun too whilst preparing food or cooking and can keep an eagle eye on the kids too.

Reinventing your conservatory space and incorporating it into the main living hub of the home could also allow for the much loved kitchen island or peninsular which will naturally be a magnet for family and friends to gather.


ground floor floor plan, ground floor redesign, incorporate conservatory, before and after


Mordernises your home

The way we live and use our homes has fundamentally changed since the vast majority of the houses in the UK were built, with 80% of the homes being built before 1990.

3d visual of single storey rear extension, before and after, incorporating conservatory

The way we want to live has shifted from the male centric lounge, diner home layout to the female inclusive kitchen lounge diner.

So this means that the majority of our homes need remodeling. 

Mordernising your home layout to incorporate the modern ‘open plan, kitchen, lounge diner’ brings your home up to date with the current way of living while allowing you to benefit from all it’s advantages.


ground floor layout, ground floor redesign, incorporating conservatory, before and after


Make the space work better for you and your family

The cost per square foot of your home is super valuable, crazy to think that so many of us have conservatories that are under used yet taking up so much valuable space.

single storey rear extension, incorporating conservatory, before and after, 3d visual of house with extension

A recent poll told us that 98% of homeowners with a conservatory, wish they could make better use of the space by either removing them all together and giving the space back to the garden or rebuilding and incorporating the space into a bigger and brighter, open plan living space that can be used all year around and enjoyed by the whole family.


ground floor layout, redesign, ground floor floor plan, before and after


Need help redesigning your ground floor layout, incorporating your conservatory? Would you like to visualise your homes potential?

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