Loft conversion of 1950 bungalow

Peek Plans Sketch Design - 4 Bedrooms

Peek homes are an incredible find. We have been struggling to visualise what changes to make to our existing 1950s bungalow for some time.We wrote a brief description of how we intended to use the space ,also documenting the importance of light and an open ,airy feel etc .Roland considered all these points and introduced a totally different layout to what we had envisaged .He suggested framing the rear garden with a full length window visible from the front entrance thereby throwing light into the hall and creating a wow factor.We would not have thought of this. We were most impressed with all the work put into our plans.It consisted of 3D designs, video walk through and the costings for the project .This was all completed in such a short time frame and was such great value for money.It is a daunting and stressful process renovating your home and so important to get it right.I highly recommend Peek homes and wish them every success in the future.They’ve given us the confidence to move forward with our project.