Couldn’t be more pleased…

Peek Plans Sketch Design - 4 Bedrooms

We have yet to move into the property we are looking to extend so only had the details and floor layout available on Rightmove to go on, plus a couple of visits before having an offer accepted. We knew we wanted to put our own stamp on the house but weren’t sure what we could do within our budget and the limitations of the house itself. We came across Peekhomes by chance and it looked a really useful resource to gain some ideas before going on to the next stage and hiring the services of an architect to draw up the final plans. Having signed up, we received an email by return requesting details of the property and any requests we might have…we wanted to include an extra bedroom and a kitchen/dining room extension. We opted for a 5 day turn over and within a couple of days received by email drawings of the property as it currently is which we amended slightly to take into account things which weren’t obvious from the floor plans. Again we were asked to add additional changes on top of those originally included, which we did. Emails pinged back and forth and although we made some late alterations we always got an immediate, and positive, response. The final design exceeded our expectations and offered us plenty of ideas which we wouldn’t have come up with ourselves…and importantly all within budget. We were given advice about planning permission as well as a video in which the designer talked us through the plans and his reasons behind the changes made. It has meant we have a far better idea of the potential changes open to us now and the various costs involved. We are therefore far happier about going ahead with what is a huge project for us, far more so than we would otherwise have been. I can’t recommend enough. Whilst there is a cost involved, we feel that we got excellent value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in a similar situation to ourselves.