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How It Works

Tell us about your home and ambitions...all we need is your address and a short survey.

We draw up a 3D Digital Twin of your home to use as a framework.

Our team create a new design for you to explore in 3D with an interactive model and explainer video.

What You'll Get

3D Digital Twin

Our brand new interactive model of your Peek Home

Before & After Visuals

PDF plans of your existing home and your new design

Designer Walkthrough Video

A guided tour of your new space from your designer

Get Inspired By The Summer Of Sport

Create bespoke areas for the activities you love

Experience your home's future
in interactive 3D
A fully interactive 3D model of your new space
A revolutionary way to visualise your home
Now delivered with every Peek Home design

Explore Demo Model

What People Are Saying

Take a look at some of Peek Home's five star reviews


Amazing! Such a great concept!

"We were planning a rear extension to our home but struggling to visualise the best way to approach it - the Peek Plan was a huge help. The designer gave us some ideas that we hadn't considered and was responsive to our feedback. The plan itself was clear and well-presented, with a video and interactive 3D model (in addition to the 2D drawings) making it easy to understand the look and feel of the new space. Overall we would definitely recommend Peek to anyone starting out on a similar project."

Thomas S.

Total game-changer!

"So, we had quotes in the past for loft extensions that were £2000-£3000 and gave us a 2D plan that didn't really allow us to visualise what we would be living in. This on the other hand is exactly what were after: a glimpse into what life could look like in the house we were buying. Our design is perfect and the videos we received from the designers made us genuinely feel like the team at Peek cared about making "our house a home"... cheesy but true. Very cool to be able to bolt on the garden designs too... I feel like we'll never want to leave this house once it's done, but if we did, we'd use Peek again."


Excellent Service

"We've really enjoyed the experience with Peek. The survey was ready to complete and it was good to be able to upload photos, dimensions etc..of our house. The design met our requirements and has given us plenty to think about. Some elements of the design are more than we ever could have thought of. We particularly enjoyed the walk-through video describing the design and the thought behind it We'd definitely recommend Peek to anyone looking for design ideas & help with house plans."

Harry L.

Garden design

"Very good, only needed a slight revision and very happy with the service provided and the design that was produced. Would highly recommend."

Lee A.

Exceptional service, exceptional value

"Peek Home produced two sets of really interesting and different plans (exactly as we requested), which brought our initial thoughts on the project to life. Coupled with their expert input, the options presented have enabled us to focus our minds on what we now want to achieve, saving both time and money in formally moving the project forward. It is a very small fee for such a highly professional service. Thoroughly recommend as a first step if you are contemplating changes to your home."

Janette W.


"We plunged for the whole package, house design, exterior and garden this was whilst the house sale was going through. Peek Home helped us visualise what we could do with the dated property to make it include all our ambitions. It also made it a lot more straightforward when we sat down with our architect for him to do the plans, he even commented how good the drawings were. The service we received was amazing, I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to remodel their house."

Stephen C.

Our space brought to life

"We’ve played around with extending our home for quite some time & had many ideas of how it may work and fulfil everything we wanted and required it to do so. The designs that Peek provided have given us much to think about as we go forward in making our dream a reality. The walk through video and voice over provided was invaluable to us and has been a highlight of the overall excellent service that we have received from Roland and the team."

Adebowale O.

A Visionary Transformation

"We came across Peek home via their social media (Instagram) advert and immediately knew we would be using their service for our house project. From the moment we approached them with our initial ideas, we knew we were in capable hands, but the outcome surpassed all expectations. The architectural designers at Peek Home possess a rare blend of creativity and technical expertise that brought our vision to life with stunning clarity. The 3D concept design they created was not just a mere representation; it was a journey into the future of our home. "


Amazing value for money. Highly recommend!

“The Peek Home process was easy from start to finish. Joseph listened to our ambitions but designed the spaces in a way that we never would have thought of. It's incredible seeing our future home in 3D and has reassured us to go a head with our extension to the rear of the house. I would highly recommended Peek Homes to anyone before spending a vast amount of money on home improvements. Fantastic value and fantastic service. Thank you.”

Charley O.

House redesign

"So pleased we used Peek Homes to visualise our designs. I found it really hard to visualise our 2D plans. Peek Homes and our designer brought them to life enabling us to really see and amend our plans. The project was delivered to the timeline they outlined at the beginning. Great service and money well spent vs quotes we received from elsewhere."

Fiona M.

Best start to our project

"We can't recommend the Peek Home process enough. For a very reasonable cost we have been able to visualise our ideas and this had made the inital meetings with out archtect a lot less complicated. We used the Sketch Design and feel that this has given us an outline of the bigger picture along with some good finer details the Peek Home designers suggested. If you are thinking of embarking on a build project then I strongly suggest you check Peek Home out - easy process, helpful team members, friendly service and all at a very reasonable cost."

Case Study

Transform your home like Tilly in Dorset

Tilly M ★★★★★

So inspiring and exciting!

“Contacting Peek Home was one of the first things we did when we found our new home! I had so many ideas that I visualised for our renovation but I struggled to put them onto paper. I didn’t want to spend thousands on an architect because we already knew what we wanted, we just needed help to make it a reality. 🙏

I told them my vision and within 2 weeks we had our final design which included a 3D walk through video and lots of images for us to print and pass on to contractors. Just 2 weeks! 🤯

This process helped us to envision our new home, understand the structures and prospects of the house, and identify a realistic budget for the work we wanted to complete. 🔨”



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