Renovating Your Home? 5 Reasons To Use An Early-Stage Concept Design
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Renovating Your Home? 5 Reasons To Use An Early-Stage Concept Design

by Jenni Page on Mar 19, 2024

Peek Home has worked with 1,000s of UK homeowners, helping them design and visualise homes they love. But why get ‘pre-architect’ concept designs if you are planning a renovation? Ultimately we can help save you money, solve design dilemmas and empower your choices. 

Here’s how: 

1. Swiftly get your ideas down on paper, with an expert design team on board. 

We’ve all been there. You’ve outgrown your home or just moved into a house that needs work. You’ve ALL the ideas for how it could look. But it’s hard to know which to take forward. Or to know what is even possible? 

Enter our expert design team. We work with our customers to understand their home ambitions and design spaces that match. We take care to listen, but also use our experience to make suggestions you might not have considered. And, once you’ve viewed the initial design, we’ll do a free revision too.  

And because we're online the process is super quick! You can get your concept plans in as little as 3 days. 

2. Get really clear with 2D plans and 3D visuals.

It’s one thing fixing your floorplan or extending your home on paper, but another really seeing it. You’ll no longer have to puzzle over technical drawings. Our simple 2D sketch plans will clarify the layout while our 3D walkthroughs help you really visualise and get a feel for your new spaces.

3. Keep your design options open...

So, you’ve gone down one route but it’s sparked other possibilities. The beauty of our pre-architect plans is that budgets won’t constrain you. Our price structure means you can order an Alternative Design and compare some options. Which leads us onto…

4. Breathing Space. Have time to consider your choices...

Knocking down walls, or adding extensions to your home is a big commitment! There’s dust, noise and a lot of tea-making on the horizon. You might need some time to consider whether the plans will give you what you need from your home. You might even want to explore moving instead? Our relatively low-cost design plans give you the information you need to look at all options and make the right decision, with no time pressures.

5. Continue your journey, effortlessly...

Once we’ve designed the home you’ll love to live in, we can help you with the next part of the adventure. Our referrals button will connect you with trusted UK architects for quotes at the click of a button. They’ll take you through architectural drawings of your approved design and you can start planning your build.

Hear from a happy customer:- 

But that's enough from us, read what our customers think. We think Fiona’s words sum it up perfectly...

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Happy Planning! 

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