The Future of House Design > Meet The 3D Digital Twin Of Your Home
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The Future of House Design > Meet The 3D Digital Twin Of Your Home

by Jenni Page on May 17, 2024

House renovations are big deal. And how do you make choices about other big purchases? You'd try on a wedding dress, you'd test drive a new car, you'd go and see a new house...Now you can try on your renovation plans for size with our game-changing 3D Digital Twin feature.

Read on for 3 ways a Digital Twin will revolutionise your renovation, and a 10% off gift at the end! 

1. Step into your 3D Home...

Our Digital Twin is a fully interactive 3D doppelgänger of your existing home and the new design we create for you. For the first time you will be able to compare your existing layout with your new design, all in 3D! You can fly-around the outside, get a birds-eye view of each floor and can even zoom into the model to look around. You won't have to wrestle with 2D technical drawings, trying to imagine how they will turn out. You can see and feel the space as it will look. 

It's like the ultimate fitting room for your house! 

2. Plan your future...

Being able to walk around in 'first person' view and explore your new space will help you grasp the true scale and flow of each room. You can use it to decide if your proposed kitchen layout works, identify any awkward corners, even plan where your furniture will go.

It’s a great way to share your vision for your home with your partner & loved ones so that everyone can get on board and get excited!

3. Make a considered, confident choice. 

Ultimately what the 3D Digital Twin can do is empower you to make the right decision so you can move forward confidently with your project. 

With the guidance of our expert design team, budget and planning advice and our one-click referral to trusted architects, you are in safe hands. 

Want to try? Take a look at our 3D Digital Twin Demo Model >

Click the buttons and drag the model to explore...(More detail on navigation help available via the '?' button, bottom right) 

Ready to take a first peek into your dream home? 

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Happy Planning!