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House Renovation > The New Way To Design Your Home.

by Jenni Page on Jun 19, 2024

House renovations are a big deal. And yet too often homeowners have to embark on them without a clear idea of how they’ll turn out. We’re here to change that with early-stage concept designs & our game-changing 3D virtual-tour. 

Starting your project this way can help you solve design dilemmas, visualise spaces, empower choices, and ultimately save you money. We’ve worked with 1,000s of UK homeowners, helping them create homes they love. 

Read on for 3 ways Peek Home will revolutionise your renovation, and a 10% off gift at the end!  

1. Kickstart the process quickly, at a low cost: 

Our expert design team will get your ideas into a 3D concept design. We take care to listen to your ambitions while using our experience to make suggestions you might not have considered. 

And because we're online the process is super quick! You can get your concept plans in as little as 3 days.

2. Step into your new home via our 3D virtual model 

Imagine being able to see your new design from all angles? With our interactive ‘digital twin’ technology you can fly-around the outside, get a birds-eye view of each floor, and even zoom inside to look around. 

You won't have to wrestle with 2D technical drawings, trying to imagine how they will turn out. You can see and feel the space as it will look. Use it plan your kitchen layout, where furniture will go, imagine your new views... 

It’s also a great way to share your vision for your home with your partner & loved ones so that everyone can get on board and get excited!

3. Continue your journey, effortlessly, in your own time. 

Knocking down walls, or adding extensions is a big commitment. There’s dust, noise and a lot of tea-making on the horizon!  You might need some time to consider whether the plans will give you what you need from your home. You might even want to explore moving instead? 

We’re here to help you start the journey, not pressure you into confirming the project. If you decide to green-light, we can guide you to the next part of the adventure. 

Our referrals button will connect you with trusted UK architects for quotes at the click of a button. They’ll take you through architectural drawings of your approved design and you can start planning your build.

Hear from a happy customer:- 

But that's enough from us, read what a customer thinks. We think Fiona’s words sum it up perfectly...

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Happy Planning!