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5 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Garage Space

5 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Garage Space

So many of us have garages but very few use them to park a car, in-fact they tend to be an oversized dusty store room, that attracts all the “stuff” that otherwise doesn't have a home!  

Good news! House prices are on the rise, which means your home is gaining value. If you're considering a conversion project, now is a great time to do it.

As house prices increase, it becomes more financially viable to convert extra space in your house, like the loft, basement or garage. This could be a strong incentive to undertake a conversion project.

Here are 5 inspiring ideas for how you could convert your garage and get the most use out of your under-utilised space.


1 - Kitchen extension / Open plan living

If your garage is adjacent to your kitchen, simply knocking down the dividing wall allows you to open up the space, create a larger more user friendly kitchen, dining, living area, perfect for the whole family and great for entertaining. The extra space could allow for a super sociable kitchen island or peninsula.  There are so many options available to ensure your new space is flooded with natural light too, from roof lantern, to skylights, bifold and sliding doors.

If storage is something you are not willing to give up on, you could consider reducing the size of your garage by moving the dividing wall, this will allow you to retain some much needed storage space with outdoor access while still benefiting from any excess space being handed over to the open plan kitchen area.

Open plan kitchen, kitchen island, modern kitchen


2 - Utility / Boot room

Who doesn't want a room that’s sole purpose is to store and hide away the day to day chaos, a utility / boot room - bootility room is such a good addition to a home and perfect for a garage conversion, even better if you can add outdoor access to catch all the mud, sand, kids, dogs before any outdoor mess gets pulled through the whole house.

Utility Bootroom, Bootility room, laundry room, modern


3 - Home Office

Garages are usually away from the main living areas of the home making them a superb choice for a home office conversion as it’s away from all the noise.  If your home doesn't have a downstairs WC you could consider designing space for one here too, oh and don’t forget to leave space for your coffee machine.

Home office, desk, chair, work space, work from home space

4 - Extra Bedroom

If you need an extra bedroom, converting your garage is a great option! It's also a popular home improvement project that can add value to your property.

Guest bedroom, ground floor bedroom, bedroom, double bed

Depending on space and with some clever design you may be able to include an ensuite bathroom too with a ‘jack and jill’ access to your main space, doubling up as a downstairs WC.


5 - Cinema / Games Room / Play Room

Have a bit of fun with your garage conversion and make space for a real family friendly hang out, make sure to future proof the room with plenty of soundproofing so that as the need for the room changes from play room to cinema / games room you are ready! 

Whilst making your new space work for your family don’t forget to make the most of the opportunity to build in lots of storage for all the arts and crafts, games, toys etc.

Play room, kids room, family space

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